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        Looking after your most precious assets

Hi there

  My name is Kaye.  

  I am a 55 year old, single, non-smoking female. I'm quiet and clean and am a huge animal lover.

  After my precious cat, Cola, passed away in January, 2010, I decided that instead of looking after one animal I could better serve looking after many. I have been house sitting and minding a wonderful array of little furry friends (and some not so furry) since.

 I love meeting and caring for different dogs and cats (and bunnies, ferrets, rats, fish, lizards...).

  I have looked after old and new, blind, deaf, injured, arthritic, diabetic, shy and the unrelenting over energetic.

I have experience in giving medications, diabetes shots, preparing specific diets, and other special needs.

 You can trust that your home, garden and, especially your precious pets, would be totally cared for.

You can be sure your babies will get all the attention and cuddles they get from you now.

  I understand that your house is your home and I respect your privacy and the value of your efforts to make it your special place. I will keep it clean and you will return to find it as you left it.

Out of respect to your privacy I don't invite anyone into your home.

I'm quiet and respectful of neighbors.

  If you are contactable while you are away I'm happy to send photos and regular updates so you never feel too far away from your furry loved ones.

I am also a dog walker. When I work I’m only away for a couple of hours in a day, but most of the time I would be home. 

  I am an ex fitness instructor and dance teacher. Although I don't teach any more, I still love to workout. I also like to draw pencil portraits, do yoga, read, walk in nature, raise awareness for animal rights, meditate and travel when I can.

  Thank you for reading my information. I look forward to building a trusting friendship and professional house sitting relationship with you and your pets.

  Please don't hesitate to call if you have a furry friend who needs company while you are away.

  Big smiles

  Kaye Eagle